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Ask me, maybe

Don’t worry, not gonna be posting any of the answers here, even if the asks are sent here.

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SPF69 is a summer themed NSFW pony art pack featuring 15+ images of your favorite characters!

The pack will be released for free on July 25, 2014.

The artists are:
















One week until release!

Get ready!

Ah well, can’t hurt to help out a bit.




People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter

oh god my heart

I like watching you game.

thanks! Although I don’t have any witty remarks or skill to show, I hope it’s at least somewhat entertaining. ^^;

Did you not JUST make a modblog.. cmon

haha, sorry! There’s only one more ask left.

I was gonna post about replying to all subsequent asks on the new blog.

So, last ask I am answering on this blog today!

Sorry for the inconvenience

Anon is right, there are ways of adding dicks! I'm sure Aj and Dash can find good uses for one. Wink wink nudge nudge.

Considered <3

I recalled Fiesta Equestria had NSFW panels there, so maybe next year...?

ouh! hm well I have no idea where I’ll be in life next year……maybe I lose my job and have to sell myself into pony smut prostitution!

I guess then I might go haha

personal question, but what motivates you most to draw?

hehe, I guess that depends! I can’t deny I enjoy uploading my smut and seeing how people like it…The fact I can -enjoy- my own art is also a motivating factor…sometimes it’s just something I saw that motivates me…

but then there are long stretches where I am simply not motivated…sadly…

I need to kick myself more. Before I started working in the games industry, I used to be driven by my desire to get better, to improve. Cause I wanted to be a concept artist. But when I got into Zbrush, I started to tinker with 3d more and more..and drawing took a backseat…

If pony hadn’t come along, I am not sure I would be drawing outside of work today.

I love your art style and wouldn't want it to change. But I wonder if you have ever thought about trying to draw, for instance, AJ with an anatomically correct poon and ponut? Also, how was your day?

aw, thanks…^^; I am not sure I have ever tried that! My ponuts usually are a bit of a hybrid, I guess….equine genitalia aren’t so vastly different from human ones…so they still have some sort of appeal…I might try to draw that sometime.

My day was okies! Lunch was ech but I made some progress with my task.

Hope y’all are having a good day as well :D

Not the same anon but "Fuck / Marry / Kill (Dump)" is a game where someone gives you three characters or people and you have to place each in a category. So, like... Fuck Celestia, Marry Luna and Dump Cadence. I'd have sex with Celestia but want to spend my time with Luna and Cadence is already married so I'd dump her and let Shining Armor have her. That kinda thing.

hm oh boy….hm…well in that case, I guess…f…well..sleep with Luna, marry Celestia and dump Cadence.

Hey my dear smutties :)

I wanted to apologize once more for flooding your dashboards with my TMI replies….So I’ve just made a new blog for TMI asks ^^;

So if you’re interested in asking me TMI stuff, feel free to follow me there~

I won’t be flooding your dashboards with that stuff again, I promise!

Do you sometimes want to draw something other than ponies? or do they take all the time and attention?

hmm I draw pony smut as a balance to my day job…I think I haven’t drawn anything but ponies for like 2 years - I draw em cause I enjoy it (in a number of ways..) Also I don’t think I’m gonna stop drawing pones anytime soon ^^; It’s one of my favorite past-times!


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oh ye <3

So how was your day?

whoa whoa whoa

TMI much? Take your slander somewhere else!

Just kidding! haha my day was alright, I made some decent progress with my current task at work…lunch was…ye, disgusten….

Glad to be home now - done with dinner right now, hopefully I can draw some nice thingies tonight!

I hope your day is going alright as well~

mrharutheotaku replied to your post: anonymous said:Have you ever thou…

Oh my god please do AJ x Big Mac.

haha, I shall consider it! <3