demiviral asked:

Is there any reason to use CSP over Sai? Also is CSP more stable then it's Manga Studio counterpart, I hear that one has some crashing issues.

I have not had any crashing issues with CSP - but I can’t remember that with Sai either.

You might want to change some preferences with CSP..

also, it doesn’t handle big and heavy documents as well as Photoshop does. it does support 64bit, but like Sai it will eventually slow down, although it can handle more than Sai does.

CSP has a whole lot more features. Basically, I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have access to PS. Even if it’s just for adding text and compositing / post production.

Sai is rather lacking in that department - it’s really purely about drawing.

But to get a full supplement for all of that for just 15 bucks seems like a good deal to me. But there’s other free apps out there that might serve that purpose well enough too.



I’m using CSP Pro and it’s very, very good.

Highly recommended - a great mix between Photoshop and Sai.

It’s just 15 bucks right now - grab it if you don’t have a good drawing app!

If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask!

it took me a little while to figure out how to recreate my PS and Sai brushes in it ^^ but in the end I got pretty close to having PS and Sai in a single app.

saber153 asked:

So mate how is Shadow of Mordor?

well I’d say it’s worth a buy if you like feeling super empowered and badass. One thing I would advice is to follow the main storyline AT LEAST until the warchiefs are introduced before branching out into sidequests, cause if you do it earlier, the game just won’t be very deep.

By that I mean, you won’t have a lot of abilities and there won’t be many enemy types, making combat kinda shallow.

The game was the most fun for me in the middle cause it was somewhat balanced. Warchiefs actually were a threat to me and I got killed a bunch of times - usually due to carelessness. But towards the end of the game I was very much overpowered.

I don’t believe in “artificially making the game harder for yourself” by now buying upgrades and such. It shouldn’t really be left to the player to make the game more challenging…it should be designed and balanced in that fashion…

Sadly the game features no difficulty settings…that could have alleviated some of the issues.

But overall, it has high production values. It runs very well, I had no bugs, glitches or anything of the like.

The voice acting is stellar! And the game has some very nice weather and lighting effects. I’d say it’s cool. Not the best game I’ve played in recent memory, but definitely worth looking into.